What Services Does Weebo Offer To Its Clients?


As technological innovation is booming in the country, there’s a huge demand for smartphones and internet services. In the financial year, 2021-2022, the country witnessed the growth of unicorns. In this age, the internet is one of the basic things which everyone should have access to.
Unicorn is a company whose valuation exceeds more than 1 billion US dollars. There is a total of 105 unicorns in the country as of July 2022. In the financial year, 2022, 14 unicorns emerged.
According to sciatica, India will have over 749 million internet users by 2020. This figure is expected to rise to more than 1.5 billion users by 2040, indicating a large market potential for internet services in the South Asian country. India was the world’s 2nd largest market in 2019, trailing only China. The number of internet users is expected to rise in both urban and rural areas, indicating a versatile rise in internet access.
In this blog, we are going to look at the need for fast wifi services and the benefits which you might get in this fast-changing world.

Weebo is one of the best and most reliable internet service providers in India. It does not only provide internet services to individuals but also the organization. 

It is a class A ISP(Internet Service provider). An ISP is a firm that delivers Internet access. Its business model is to purchase bandwidth from telecoms and provide internet connectivity to subscribers.

To carry out that process, it must obtain an ISP License from the Department of Telecommunications in India. The license issued is known as the Unified ISP License, and the ISP License cost that it must pay varies depending on the category of ISP License India.

Class A ISP service is quite a few in India because the fee is quite high but it can provide services all over India.


The challenges faced by the individual :

If we look at the challenges which were faced by the internet users the connectivity and lack of infrastructure, and the high cost of internet services. Just a decade ago, the price of internet services was quite high. And some companies were making huge profits, even if the price was quite high, but the service was not quite up to the mark, the quality was not good, and the price was high for the users.

And because of that, there were fewer internet users who had access to the internet and a lack of smartphones. 

But now, everything is moving too fast for a person to adjust, within a decade we have high-speed internet connection from where we get access to the high quilty education from home, work from home, get any details information related to the work, research paper, news, and services within just a tap on the screen of the phone.

But the modern-day problem is different, we have access to the internet but the speed is not quite up to the mark and is not affordable.

That’s why Weebo is the best option for our users. We provide not just the best quality of internet services but also at an affordable price.

Our company motto is to provide the best quality of services at an affordable price and with high connection speed. And make our customers happy and satisfied with our internet services.


The company vision is “We believe in the world of fiber because if you can’t break the light barrier, why not match it?”

That is why we introduced the idea of fiber optics. Our entire network is built on fiber optics, a rapidly emerging tech that boosts internet speed to greater levels!

Our ambition is to be the foundation of every residence for all devices connected, including entertainment, broadband, and IoT. (Home automation).

Weebo, a Class A ISP based in Delhi. Weebo is currently working in many cities across India, including Delhi, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

With over 200 professionals working to provide continuous internet access, we are getting closer to our goal every day.”

Weebo focuses on our customer’s needs and tries to provide the best quality internet services, Weebo is the best broadband in Delhi, that’s why internet plans of Weebo are built in such a way that its customers do not need to worry about price and they can choose according to their needs.

It has built our packages according to the needs of the customers.

They are providing services to the five cities of India, and it is one of the best broadband in Delhi. Check our broadband plans in Delhi and other cities. 

For more information, check out the website

We have designed packages with no data limit, ott included unlimited downloads, fiber to the home, and at an affordable price

  • Broadband plans in Delhi, (five packages), starting from just ₹375 – ₹555,
  • Broadband plans in Muzaffarnagar,(three packages), starting from ₹420- ₹660,
  • Broadband plans in Jaipur,(five packages), starting from ₹417- ₹720,
  • Broadband plans in Udaipur, (four packages), starting from ₹541- ₹821,
  • Broadband plans in Meerut,(four packages), starting from ₹478.5- ₹555.5.

If you are looking for the best wifi in Delhi, you might be happy to choose Weebo, because it has over 80 professionals from various backgrounds working to provide the highest quality of service, as well as around 200 field staff working to provide doorstep service whenever required. We also have dedicated bandwidth usage monitoring systems in place to provide additional support to all subscribers, as well as another dedicated team for monitoring on-field materials, maintenance, and support.

Explore our unlimited plan services;

  • Enterprise plans

Fiber connectivity, easy plan upgrades, 24*7 support, and low latency

  • Cost-effective

Connect with us for long-term plans and receive 1 – 4 months of free internet access, or combine your plans with OTT services.

  • Fast and secure

All subscribers are linked via fiber. DDOS defense.

  • Latest Technology

We are constantly upgrading our technology to provide you with the necessary bandwidth upgrades as needed.

Weebo is solving the problems faced by individuals or organizations by providing the best wifi in Delhi and other cities with quality internet services.

We care about our customers that why it’s our moral obligation and responsibility to provide good quality services.

Please, Check out the Weebo website if you have any queries related to our work, services, plans, and location(check out if our services are available in your locality).

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