Weebo Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Is a class A ISP license holder.

We have more than 80 professionals working to give the best service possible from different backgrounds and around 200 field staff working to give doorstep service whenever necessary. Dedicated bandwidth usage monitoring systems working to give extra support for all the subscribers and another dedicated team for monitoring on-field equipment, maintenance and support.

Our Plans

Name Price Speed FUP
Simple 138 138 1 Mbps 10 GB
Hello 216 216 2 Mbps 10 GB
Mega 868 868 10 Mbps 20 GB
Namaste 477 477 2 Mbps Unlimited
Wow 773 773 5 Mbps Unlimited
Ultima 1086 1086 10 Mbps Unlimited
Ultra 1520 1520 20 Mbps Unlimited
Name Price Speed FUP
Freedom 650 650 50 Mbps Unlimited
Streamer 850 850 75 Mbps Unlimited
Enterprise 1000 1000 100 Mbps Unlimited

Our Technology

  • No Download Limits

  • Fast & Secure

  • Buffer less Environment

  • Enterprise plans

  • Cost Effective

  • Unlimited Peering

  • Latest Technology

  • Class A ISP

  • Fiber Backhaul


Comparison Chart

Between Various Technologies

Our Presence


I have had great customer service. Weebo goes above and beyond to make sure your needs are met. Haven't had a down time with regards to Internet connection, and I work from home. Weebo continues to improve towers, etc. without any interruptions to current service. If you had to choose a provider, Weebo is the only choice.

- Mr. Nayyar , South Ex. Delhi

We had Weebo installed at our home soon after they opened for business several years ago, I can tell you, that was the best decision we ever made. Weebo is by far the best internet service that we have ever used. Weebo Team is always courteous, helpful and respectful when I call. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- Dr. Ajay Arora, Delhi