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Who we are

Weebo Networks Pvt. Ltd. Is a class A ISP license holder.

We are a class A ISP (internet service provider) serving different locations under the brand name Weebo. We provide a platform enabling subscriber access to the new world of technologies by providing a strong backend network to the subscriber. The platforms can include high data speed, Internet of things (IoT), Gaming, high-resolution video streaming etc. We aim to deliver for more of such platforms with the help of an in-house R&D team and network engineers.

We are driven by the mission to deliver the most innovative technology to the end subscriber and make each and every household Hi-Tech.

We have next-generation technology that enables high-speed internet access up to 300 Mbps through the high bandwidth capability of the optical fiber cable network.

In this technologically advanced world, the internet has become a necessity for all ages, here at Weebo we offer a variety of packages to suit your varied internet browsing needs at an economical and affordable cost.

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Our Mission

We are one of the leading ISP company delivering high-speed fiber internet in India

We at Weebo, believe in serving our customers with the best and the fastest fiber internet services with affordable plans & pricing that mak e our customers feel appreciated and satisfied.

Our Vision

To become one of the governing ISP service domain which is affordable and accessible to all.

We believe in the world of fiber, if you can’t break the barrier of light why not match it. That’s why we have introduced the concept of fiber optics. Our whole network is based on Fiber optics, one of the fastest emerging technology that takes internet speed to a whole new level!.
Our vision is to be the backbone of every household for all connected devices – Entertainment, Broadband and IOT (Home automation).

We are Weebo, Class A isp, based out of Delhi, currently working in many cities across India such as Delhi, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Jaipur, Udaipur etc.
With more than 200 professionals working to provide non-stop access to the internet, we are getting closer to our goal everyday. 

Want to join our team?

Do you wish to work with our exclusive brand and help facilitate first-in-class customer support, assistance, and services to our clients across the world? Join us in our endeavor to make the internet affordable and accessible to the masses as we scale our operations and become the leading ISP company in India. 


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